FASHION FOCUS: Celebrity Airport Style

We don’t know about you but the last time we stepped off a 14 hour flight we didn’t resemble anything along the lines of what your typical celeb looks like when they step off a plane. Just look at Kate Bosworth and Miranda Kerr for proof. In fact, Miranda’s airport style is so good its had online galleries built in its honour. Yes, yes we know flying celeb style is a little different to flying normal people style so let’s forget for a moment the fact they’re living it up in First Class and not stuck in the horror that is Economy – you have to admit, not only do celebrities look fresh as a daisy upon touchdown, their outfits are so much more pulled together than the typical flying uniform of jeans, tee and Havaianas. There are cashmere scarves involved, and cute ballet flats and jeans that don’t look like they’ve been stuffed at the bottom of the cupboard for three weeks. So how to get some high flyin’ style for yourself? Well we’ve rounded up some of our favourite celebrity airport looks to give you a bit of inspiration the next time you’re about to jet off somewhere fabulous. Louis Vuitton luggage is optional.

Images: Just Jared, Fanpop, Glamour, I’m Not Obsessed, Vogue, Zimbio

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